From April 2013 you can no longer get legal aid for divorce, or disputes about children through the Courts.

But you can still get legal aid if you choose mediation instead of arguing your case through Court.

Mediation is a quicker and easier way of agreeing divorce or child contact arrangements. It is fast becoming the favoured way to sort out disagreements.

Mediation is completely free if you qualify for legal aid.

Leonard Gray has been approved to undertake mediation work paid for by the Legal Aid authorities. We can offer mediation COMPLETELY FREE for anyone who is entitled to legal aid under the eligibility rules.  You do not have to pay a penny and you never have to pay it back.

Please note that from 4th August 2014 people applying for Legal Aid for Family Mediation will be subject to a resident test to prove they have been a lawful UK resident for the previous 12 months.

Whether you are divorcing, separating or wish to sort out child contact arrangements – you can come to one or several sessions of mediation completely free.

To see if you are eligible for legal aid

Call 01245 264764 and ask for Sharon.