General FAQs

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can a mediator assist me?

Mediators are trained to deal with difficult situations involving anger and upset.  Crucially, the mediator is completely independent, and experienced in bridging differences.

Why is mediation a good alternative to court proceedings?

  • It’s quicker. Divorce issues can be resolved in weeks, Civil and Commercial matters in a day.
  • It’s cheaper than the court process.
  • Parties keep control of the solution to their problem and retain the dignity of reaching an agreed solution.
  • The range of potential solutions is more varied than those available from litigation.  At trial a court will have limited options for resolving a dispute, likely to result in one or both parties being unhappy at the outcome.  In mediation both parties can seek a resolution that could benefit all parties.
  • Mediation can eliminate the risk of a court decision going against them.
  • Mediation can help restore or preserve a valued relationship between parties.
  • No Risk involved.  Mediation is a voluntary process and if a party is unable to reach an agreement they are happy with they are under no obligation to settle.  Indeed a participant can leave the mediation at any time.

What is the full cost mediation likely to be?

For family & divorce mediation

Leonard Gray Mediation Service has been approved to undertake work paid for by the Legal Aid authorities. If you qualify for Legal Aid then in most cases the mediation sessions will be free of charge to you. There will be no deduction from any eventual monies or property which you receive as a result of receiving Legal Aid as this is paid for by the Government.

If you do not qualify for Legal Aid then a set hourly rate per mediating party will apply which will be agreed with you in advance. Each mediation session is paid for at the beginning. We would suggest that you telephone our mediation service on 01245 264764 or email Carol Cunningham, on to check the current sessional rate.

For civil & commercial mediation

Unlike other mediation service providers, our prices do not vary according to the value of the dispute, or the outcome of the case. We will quote a fixed fee in advance based on the scale below. You will always have peace of mind that what we quote, is what you pay.

  • A 3 hour mediation starts at £400 + VAT per party*.
  • A full day’s mediation starts at £750 + VAT per party.
  • Open ended mediations are priced on request.

*The 3 hour mediation is not suitable for divorce or relationship issues.

Please telephone or email our Mediation Co-Ordinator, Carol Cunningham on 01245 264764 or email, for help.

Where would I come for the mediation meetings?

Our offices in central Chelmsford have separate entrances, waiting rooms and mediation suites. We are a two minute walk from Chelmsford Rail Station and offer free car parking for clients. Click here for a map.

Do I have to attend during office hours?

The majority of our mediation meetings take place during normal office hours Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, but alternative times can be arranged to suit.

Why are lawyer-led mediations more successful?

Lawyer mediators are solicitors who have combined many years of family law experience with intensive training in mediation skills. The combination of practical experience and legal knowledge makes lawyer mediators ideally equipped to deal with all the issues that arise.

Why choose Leonard Gray?

Leonard Gray is the only local law firm with a long established Mediation practice. Our family mediatiors have a very high success rate, with most cases reaching full agreement in just a few weeks.  Our civil and commercial mediations have a 90%+ success rate, most settling in less than one day.

I am interested in mediation so what should I do now?

Please contact our office if you would like further information on mediation on 01245 264764 or email Carol Cunningham, on You are very welcome to have an informal discussion with one of our mediation co-ordinators who can help you further.