Daily Mail recommends mediation as a way to avoid costly divorce

Last Sunday in the Daily Mail’s “You” magazine, they ran a special report entitled “Decree Pricey, the Spiralling Cost of Getting Divorced”. It tells the story of 8 women’s costly and very painful experiences.

The Daily Mail article offered strategies as to how you can avoid a costly divorce and if you can’t reach agreement between yourself and your partner, mediation was the number one help.

They say “A mediator is qualified to give independent and impartial advice and help couples reach agreement on all aspects of divorce (mediators may or may not also be lawyers). The agreement is then drawn into a ‘memorandum of understanding’ which can be turned into a court order by you or a lawyer.”

At Leonard Gray we have experienced solicitor/mediators who really understand the intricacies of family law and settlements.

From April 2013 there is to be no legal aid for divorce and child contact cases but there will be mediation.

If you are entitled to legal aid you can get legal aid for mediation and this means that ALL OF YOUR MEDIATION WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO PAY BACK ANY MONEY. Even if you are not entitled to legal aid, your first intake session where mediation is explained to you, is completely free. You have nothing to lose by making that appointment and to do so you should telephone 01245 264764 and speak to either Jo or Sharon who can answer any queries that you have and make you an appointment for yourself and/or your partner.

There need be nothing frightening about mediation. You can have separate waiting rooms; you can even have mediation conducted in separate rooms if there is a real worry for either of you. The whole purpose behind mediation is to help you reach an agreement that will give certainty to yourself and children.

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