90% of disputes resolved in a day

Mediation offers a way of resolving problems in the workplace without going to court or an Employment Tribunal.

If you and your employer agree to mediation it can be quick, often less than a day, and is almost always less expensive and stressful than taking legal action.

Our impartial mediators discuss the issues in dispute with you. This is sometimes done separately, sometimes together with a view to helping you both come up with an acceptable solution. Mediation is voluntary.  A mediator does not impose a solution, they assist the employer and employee in reaching their own resolution.

Our fees

Parties normally agree to mediate for 3 hours at a fixed fee, but some matters require up to a full day.

  • A 3 hour mediation starts at £400 + VAT per party.
  • A full day’s mediation starts at £750 + VAT per party.
  • Open ended mediations are priced on request.

If you’re new to mediation, you’ve probably got lots of questions

Try our FAQs. It’s a very popular area of our web site and offers answers to all the questions we’re asked by our clients.

Alternatively, you’re very welcome to have an informal discussion with Sharon on 01245 264764.